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Trash Gear Co

Fanny Fender - Black Marble

Fanny Fender - Black Marble

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Keep your fanny dry and the landfills clean with this 100% post consumer waste eco plastic seat mounted fender. Just use the included velcro strap to strap the fender to your saddle rails and you're ready to rip. We shred up plastic collected from the community for all of our products, this means the color of every Trash Gear Co product is completely unique, Like a beautiful little snowflake. Ride in style with green gear and a clean conscience.

While we will use the same colors as shown here, the one you get may not look exactly like the photos. They're all unique, and we think that's pretty rad.


100% recycled eco plastic

Made in Vermont, USA


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Mounting Instructions

Secure the mudguard to the fork arch with the provided cable ties. Follow the provided instructions to ensure a strong fit.

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Made from trash

We hand pick from the finest local trash, season with dirt and add a dash of post ride beer before sautéing it all together. Locally sourced materials get made in our backyard workshop into high quality cycling gear that will look sweet on your bike and protect you from trail debris.