Revamping Recycling: How Recycling in the USA is Broken and How We Can Change It

Revamping Recycling: How Recycling in the USA is Broken and How We Can Change It

Hey Trash Gear Co fam! Pete Grunwald here, founder of Trash Gear Co and your outdoor loving friend in hopes of changing the way outdoor gear is made. Today, we're doing a deep dive into the world of recycling in the USA, taking a look at the cracks in the system and discovering how local manufacturing can be part of the solution to the plastic waste problem.

Recycling is Broken: The Ugly Truth

Many people already know that the current state of recycling in the USA is a bit of a mess. Despite the eco-conscious consumer's best intentions to toss that plastic bottle or container into the blue bin, the journey it takes is often not what we imagine. Shockingly, the majority of recyclables put in that blue bin end up in landfills due to inefficiencies in the sorting process, contamination issues or simply due to expense. One of our main sources of plastic, the humble beverage can carrier, is often sorted incorrectly or outright refused because of its shape and light weight. 

Depressed? Me too. It's not all doom and gloom because the heart of this issue is where our solution lies!

Local Manufacturing: The Way to a Cleaner, Greener Future

Enter local manufacturing, the glimmer of hope in our battle against the broken plastic recycling system. Trash Gear Co aims to provide an example of how local manufacturing can be the change needed to solve the plastic waste problem.

Why Local Manufacturing?

  1. Cutting Carbon Emissions: When waste is processed and products are manufactured locally, the carbon footprint associated with transportation is significantly slashed. Turning local trash into new products locally is a win-win for the environment!
  2. Community Empowerment: Local manufacturing fosters job creation and supports local economies. At Trash Gear Co, our recycled plastic products are proudly made in Burlington Vermont, contributing to the growth of our local community.
  3. Quality Control: With local manufacturing, we have direct oversight of the entire production process. This means superior quality products that are built to last—just like our rugged MTB mud guards and sleek seat-mounted fanny fenders!

Trash Gear Co: More than Just Gear, It's a Movement

Now, let's talk about the output of this local recycling operation – our 100% post consumer recycled plastic products

Our mountain bike mud guards and seat-mounted fanny fenders aren't just accessories for your bike; they're a statement. Crafted from plastic collected from our local community, each piece is a testament to our commitment to sustainability.

Why Trash Gear Co Stands Out:

  1. VT-Made Goodness: All our products are proudly manufactured in Vermont, ensuring that we're doing our part to strengthen local economies and reduce our global impact.
  2. Marbled Marvels: Our fenders don't just shield you from mud and debris; they make a style & personal statement! As the plastic melts and swirls together it creates a unique marbled color mixture. Each Trash Gear Co product is one of a kind and unique as the eco-conscious individuals who choose them.
  3. Functional & Durable: Thicker, stronger, and built to endure all the mud you can throw at them, our recycled plastic fenders are a testament to the power of sustainable manufacturing without compromising on performance.

The recycling system might have some room for improvement, but with local manufacturing we're providing an example for other businesses to follow and an option for consumers to vote for change. Join us in the movement towards cleaner bums and cleaner landfills—one fender at a time!

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